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So I am almost at the end of my six month journey to becoming an Anusara inspired yoga teacher. It has been truly one of the most incredible experiences of my life, and one I’d highly recommend to any yogi, whether you wish to teach or purely to deepen your knowledge.

There are so many different teacher training courses out there, and I was encouraged by my old teacher to research them thoroughly. From a month intensive in Bali, to a three year diploma in yoga, there are so many options, and choosing one that is right for you is crucial to your experience and getting the most out of the course.

I have been training with Bridget Woods Kramer at Triyoga in London. From breaking down the anatomical elements that make a pose to the technicalities of alignment, to flowing through surya namaska to tribal music, it has been a wonderful immersion into Anusara yoga.

The beauty of the course was that it was one weekend a month over six months, enabling me to come away from the weekend and further study learnings from the weekend modules.

The anatomy from Andrew McGonigle was in-depth and thorough; and philosophy teacher, Ruth Westoby, never failed to inspire us all, and potentially cause an existential crisis!  Bridget herself was sensational. She never ceased to amaze us. She combines hands on teaching experience with hilarious anecdotes. We experienced her dynamic style of teaching and learnt how to teach with sincerity and spirit. Her warmth and kindness shone through her classes, and by the end of each weekend our eyes were shining from new life.

Belt through the upper thighs to focus on lifting the pelvis in down dog

The glue that kept the course running was certainly the assistants. As Bridget’s previous students, they had first hand experience of the course themselves.

All in all, I would highly recommend the 200hr TT Immersion in Precision and Grace course. I met some wonderful people and friends for life, and Bridget’s teachings and anecdotes will stay with me for life.

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