The rise of hygge


In case you aren’t familiar with the popular term, hygge is the Danish word for cosiness (and a whole lot more). It has exploded onto bookshelves and has become the latest lifestyle trend. Hygge is about enjoying simple pleasures, feeling warm and snug with a hot water bottle and cup of cocoa in front of a fire.

The hygge hype

So what is groundbreaking about this new state of being? Nothing. It is a term that describes many of our normal practices in search of a cosy and comforting winter. Who doesn’t love Poirot with a herbal tea? I find it rather grating that it’s being marketed as how we should be living, or what others are doing that you aren’t… I guess that’s the marketing game.



In essence, I feel that hygge represents a sort of inescapable commercialism. It really is something we all try to a certain extent anyway, just repackaged for £10 a pop off Amazon.


And yet…


That said, what the term is promoting is actually very wholesome and good. Board games with friends, dog walks, that feeling of having been out in the cold and coming into a warm environment, it’s all lovely and ‘chuzzy’ a friend would say. (She’s trying to make this as big as hygge, and I’m going along with it). Once you get over the commercialisation of the word, it’s actually a very life reaffirming idea. Stop chasing unfulfilling unachievable guff, enjoy the here and now with loved ones and simple pleasures. Put down the lifestyle magazine (and blog?!) and pick up the crossword.


So what am I saying?


love-pen-bed-drinkingDon’t be dissuaded by the popularity of the term right now. What hygge, and the Danes, can teach us is to enjoy feeling together, feeling happy and content, feeling appreciative of your life, and most of all feeling warm and cosy. So grab your cashmere, light your candles and slow cook that bean stew, nourish on the good things this winter.

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