New pregnancy yoga course June July August 2019

Hello beautiful pregnant women!

Looking forward to welcoming you to pre natal yoga course starting 25th June at Canoe Lake Pavilion (7.45pm – 8.45pm). In the meantime there are a few things I highly recommend you start thinking about/ doing in preparation for birth whatever stage you are at. 

Firstly try to find 5 minutes everyday for meditation or breathing. If this seems very alien to you, don’t worry over the course we will work on it. I recommend finding guided meditation on YouTube here is one I liked during pregnancy.

Secondly try to get out everyday for a walk- yes every day. Walking is unrivalled in its fat burning, strengthening legs and pelvic floor and gentle cardio.

Thirdly start doing your pelvic floor exercises. This is crucial for an easier time pushing during 2 stage labour and for quicker recovery afterwards. I recommend this app: KPFE it times your squeezes and releases and the free version reminds you to do it once a day. You should be doing it 2-3 times a day in order to seriously strengthen your pelvic floor. 

pregnancy yoga stretch

Finally, I hope your partner is giving you lots of rest time. Make sure you start to slow down a little. Pregnant women are strong and should continue to exercise to be healthy and well but allow your partner to do the cooking / cleaning / sorting out the bills. Right now you are doing the most important job of growing new life and it can be exhausting. Give yourself credit for this and allow yourself more relaxation time than you have before. Also extra cuddles and kisses from your partner to get the oxytocin flowing is always welcome (we will talk more about oxytocin on the course). 

Looking forward to sharing more information and practicing yoga with you from June. In the meantime take care, rest and eat well and DO YOUR PELVIC FLOORS!!!

Lottie x

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New pregnancy yoga course

pregnancy yoga portsmouth

I am holding a new 6 week prenatal yoga course in Southsea for expectant mothers over 12 weeks. This prenatal yoga course combines movement and breath helping Mamas to relax and stay fit during pregnancy.

We will be covering awesome yoga postures for pregnancy, breathing techniques for pregnancy, relaxation techniques for pregnancy and safe workouts for pregnancy.

If you’re 12 weeks and over, this course will connect you to your baby bump in a safe and comfortable environment.

Location: Canoe Lake Pavilion

Dates: JUNE 25th, JULY 2nd, 9th, 16th (none 23rd) 30th, AUG 6th.

Time:  7.45-8.45pm

Prices: to make it flexible for all attendees

Full course £50

4 classes £35

Drop-in £10 per session

Contact me to book.

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