Post natal yoga

Post natal yoga course for new Mama’s!

A chilled class for Mums to safely get back into exercise post baby. Classes will cover pelvic floor strength, shoulder and back opening, leg stretches and reintroducing ab strength progressively within the realms of what feels good for each individual mama.

If you’re in need of a little more zen right now, this is the perfect course for you to come and relax, and meet other mums.

This is a safe space for Mums and Babies.

Firstly, all emotions and sleep states are welcome, whatever kind of night you’ve had the night before! Secondly you can change, feed, wind baby as needed in the studio making it super convenient for mums. Best of all there is a ramp into the studio foyer so you can push the pram directly into the foyer and leave it there, taking baby through to the studio.

I’ve relocated to Australia, please check back for updates or keep in touch via instagram.