Learning self-love

What does self love mean?

Although it sounds like a fluffy self development term, self love is all about giving yourself some credit, cutting out self-sabotage and championing yourself more. It’s about having more time for yourself; doing things that nourish your soul and make you feel great. It is not ego or self-importance, it is about self compassion!

Have regard for your own happiness and wellbeing. Learn to self love.

Forgive yourself

You got a parking ticket/ you made a strange comment which you’re psycho analysing for hours after/ you forgot something you really shouldn’t have done. We have all done it, we’ve all been there. You beat yourself up, and feel crappy for ages. In reality, it’s really not the end of the world.

Self love is acknowledging when you cock up, but rather than cringing and feeling shameful, it’s allowing the ill feeling to wash over you and realising it’s ok to make mistakes.¬†Learn to forgive yourself. This is a key element for self love.

Time for you

Self sabotage often occurs because we don’t give ourselves enough time to reboot and recharge. Self love is giving yourself an hour a week dedicated to doing something which nourishes the soul.

Self love is about finding some headspace from your everyday life. Maybe this is taking time for a hot bath or allowing yourself that extra square of chocolate and not feeling guilty.  Self love is about doing things that make you happy and support your wellbeing.


Self love can’t be bought or sold, it’s an acceptance. It grows from actions that support our physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. It can move you from a place of existing to a place of living.

Self love is cutting out the things that make you feel bad. For me, that was watching reality TV (yes, really!). It made me feel under par. I’ve stopped watching it, and feel a lot happier for it.

Look after yourself

Learning to look after yourself, nourish your soul, doing things that make you happy, and eating things that make you feel great are all elements of self love.

Next time you thing ill of yourself, take a second, think about what you are saying to yourself, are you self sabotaging? Can you give yourself some slack, can you give yourself more time for just being?

Practice self care, take better care of your basic needs. Often happier people have considered work schedules that don’t interfere with home life, a balanced diet, an exercise routine, a healthy social life, down time, and good sleep!

What can you start with today? Start by focussing on one or two of these and in time, you will find yourself taking more care of yourself.

Taking better care of yourself enables you to give your best to others. Learn to love yourself.


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