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What are you grateful for?

At this time of year when we are focussed on self improvement and resolutions, I’m encouraging my students to look into what they are already great at. What in their wider lives and day to day are they thankful for?

It is easy to set intentions for the year but how often do we stick to them, do they set us up to fail? In many ways, setting new years resolutions make us feel under par – “I’m not there yet”. It makes us feel like we aren’t good enough… we aren’t living to the best standard we should be.

Self-improvement is great, as long as it is done in a conscious manner, with self awareness. Just as when training for a big running race, advice is to only add additional 10% distance each time, the same can be said for self-improvement. Best results are taken one step at a time.

What’s already good?

So what is already good in your life? What are you already great at? What are you thankful for? It can be a big thing, partner, family, friends… or it can be the simple things, “I’m thankful for my super cosy slippers” “I’m grateful for the first cup of tea of the day”.

How can this relate to your yoga practice? What are you working towards, what are you already great at and what are you thankful for? Perhaps you want to be a backbend ninja, what are you already great at? Do you have super flexibility in your back, or perhaps you are particularly grounded- essential for safe backbending. And can you be thankful for these elements as you pursue your new challenge.

With regards to my yoga, I am working towards handstand. I’m still working on my balance but I have good upper body strength from my continued practice; I’m thankful my practice has taken me to a place where I can work towards handstands. I’m thankful for a great teacher who encourages me and supports me. Step by step, I’ll get there.

Set your intentions for the year, set your goal and work towards it, but perhaps also take a minute to look at your life and think, what am I grateful for already in my life?

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