Corporate Yoga and Wellbeing

I teach corporate yoga for forward thinking companies looking to help improve the wellbeing of their employees.

Bringing yoga into the workplace tells your employees they are valued; I teach fun flowing classes open to all levels and abilities. We also focus on breathing techniques to calm the body and destress the mind.

Corporate yoga is an awesome way to get people away from their desks and moving throughout the day. Breaks are shown to help improve effectiveness and efficiency in the workplace, however lunch at your desk is all too common place, why not try corporate yoga to encourage people to get away from their desk and move.

Corporate yoga can be taught in a weekly lunchtime slot to fit perfectly into the working day or as a one off training and wellbeing day. This second option offers more time and space to explore ways to combat stress, calm the mind and move the body. This is essential in order to maintain a healthy workforce as employees often find themselves seated all day.

A corporate yoga class one lunchtime is a super affordable way of helping your employees maintain a healthy lifestyle and its a great office perk too!

For more details, message me.