Kapalabhati breathing 

This week, I started my classes with Kapalabhati breathing. It is also known as the Skull-shining breath and the breath of fire, due to it’s call on the abdomen muscles. Kapalabhati breathing is practiced by short sharp contractions of the abdomen which forces the breath out of the lungs, followed by an impassive inhale. It is an amazing detoxifying and energising pranayama (breathing exercise) to open or seal your practice.

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Seeking relaxation

relax and restore

At this time of year, we often find ourselves getting to the end of the week feeling absolutely shattered. After a long week, maybe working, maybe looking after the kids, maybe overloaded with life admin, all we want to do is relax in front of the telly. And yet, is this going to serve us? Are we going to peel ourselves off the sofa 2 hours later feeling better?

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Fall to rise

Yes, sometimes we fall. In life. At work. At home. Figuratively and literally.

Yoga has taught me that no matter what challenges you face, and whatever life throws at you, you have to pick yourself up again. In the immortal words of Aaliyah, dust yourself off and try again.

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Wellbeing at work

Yoga at your desk

Wrist stretch

Stretch hand out in front of you, gently extend wrist (fingers point to ceiling) and with other hand, pull back on all fingers of extended hand to stretch wrist. Then flex wrist (fingers pointing down) and once again gently pull back on fingers to stretch wrist in other direction.

Repeat other hand

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Why is yoga so good for you?

Lowers blood pressure… increases flexibility… reduces stress…increases muscle strength…improves posture… calms the mind…  decreases risk of injury…boosts immunity… cardio workout…

Yes, you guessed it. These, among many others, are some of the benefits of yoga.

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Yoga Teacher Training

So I am almost at the end of my six month journey to becoming an Anusara inspired yoga teacher. It has been truly one of the most incredible experiences of my life, and one I’d highly recommend to any yogi, whether you wish to teach or purely to deepen your knowledge.

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How can you achieve “better wellbeing”?

“Wellbeing creation” not “wealth creation”

How can we actually achieve better wellbeing? Today a report was published following research on the ‘key to happiness’. The research, conducted by London School of Economics, identified mental health and relationships as the main drivers of happiness. The report identified that the government needs to play a part in young people’s wellbeing; highlighting the need for the state to champion “wellbeing creation” rather than “wealth creation”.

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Yoga for wellbeing

yoga near me

To me, a healthy body is synonymous with a healthy mind. Some people find their happy place through running, some find it baking (Val in GBBO anyone?!) and over the years, I have found it in my yoga practice.

Yoga has been a good friend to me. Like many other young females, anxiety can sometimes get the better of me, and yoga is my method of grounding myself. It’s a personal practice, without competition, without pretence, it’s just you, your mat and your body. This is what I love about yoga, You are the master of your mind, You are focussing your energy solely on your pranayama (breath) and drishti (gaze). You are listening to your body and focussing the mind.

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