Autumn yoga

As the seasons change, Autumn is the perfect time to reset your balance, reflect on your summer and reissue your intentions for Autumn and Winter.

The kids are back to school, the nights are drawing in and Strictly is back on the TV. It’s easy to think the season is a downhill spiral to Winter and the Christmas madness, but I’d encourage you to take some time for yourself and enjoy all the wonders this beautiful season has to offer.

Mabon, as it is called in Pagan rituals, is a time for open fires, walking through crunchy leaves, blackberries, scented candles… It is also a time that feels abundant with the fruits of the harvest, and we extend a thought of gratitude to the earth for providing.

The sun’s lower aspect makes for a golden light, and I’ve been inviting this idea into my classes recently. To celebrate the season, I’m including a Autumn meditation below for you.


Autumn Meditation

Find yourself in a comfortable sitting or lying down position.

Take three deep cleansing breaths.

Let the exhale flow over your body.

Scan the body from head to toe, starting at the very top of your head, moving down your face. How do your eyes, nose, cheeks, ears and jaw feel. Relax your jaw. Relax your ears.

Move down to your neck, shoulders, chest, tops of the arms and all the way down to your fingertips. Enjoy the movement through your chest, scanning down to your tummy, hips, pelvic floor and moving into the top of the legs. With your next exhale enjoy scanning down your thighs, knees and calves into the ankles. Scan through your feet until you feel their contact point with the earth.

Notice your contact points with the earth. If you are seated, notice how the chair supports your back, bottom and thighs. If you are laying down, notice how the earth below you gently holds you. Feel your feet on the earth below you. Feel you are drawing up energy from our bountiful earth below your feet.

Notice your hands, how are they being held, are they loose, are they holding each other, there is no right of wrong just notice them.

Now start to take your awareness outwards to your senses. Your eyes are closed, so this sense is removed to allow us to focus on the others. What can you smell. What can you hear, your breath, soft noises of traffic, your neighbour’s gentle breath, birds, everyday noises around you. What can you feel, literally in your hands and feet. What can you feel inside yourself.

Create this picture visually in your head.

And now start to draw your attention in.

Take these senses from the image you have created around you and start to draw the focus inwards to the 3rd eye.

Start to refine your thoughts, focusing on your breath.

Focus on the gentle in and out.

Focus on the stillness through your body.

Allow yourself this time of reflection.

Think about 3 wonderful things you have done or seen this year so far. Allow these memories to wash over you.

Now start to think of the season ahead. Look to your Autumn and Winter. What intention can you set yourself for these next months. What goal can you set, what intention can you aim for. Whether it be to offer more kindness through your everyday actions or cook that recipe you have been meaning to make for ages. Use this time now to think about your intention for Autumn.

Allow this intention to set your actions for the next few days, and think about how you can move more towards this intention over the coming weeks.

Start to let this focus float away now like a gently Autumn breeze.

Start to deepen your breath.

Touch your thumbs to each finger.

Wiggle toes and fingers and stretch.

Allow the body to invite some more movement and take a deep breath in.

As you breath out gently open the eyes and invite a smile to draw over the face.

Remember you can come back to this meditation any time you want.

Happy Autumn!

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