About me

I came to yoga searching for something to help me relax. The mental benefits quickly became just as important as the physical benefits of yoga. Yoga became increasingly important to me and decided to train as a teacher.

About my classes

I want you to leave my class feeling more in tune with your environment, more in touch with your body, more confident in your abilities. I want you to return, ready to challenge yourself physically and mentally, ready to release tension, open to challenges.

Why yoga?

I came to yoga originally to for physical reasons; to tone up and increase my flexibility. I soon realised there is much more to yoga than purely aesthetic benefits.

Yoga is increasingly being acknowledged as a form of moving meditation. It acts as a stress relief due to it’s stimulation of the parasympathetic nervous system. It is also incredible for releasing tension; I still, now, find I will walk into a yoga studio feeling one way, and walk out feeling completely different for all the right reasons.

It supports other forms of exercise, by stretching out muscles and challenging the body in ways other exercise may not. Tricky balance poses test the body and mind, inversions can confuse the brain as they turn the world upside down and the body is taken to it’s edge of its ability.

I’ve relocated to Australia, please check back for updates or keep in touch via instagram.