5 ways to keep healthy in Winter

warmth for winter

It’s hard to stay motivated and keep going to the gym or practicing yoga when the evenings are dark and carbs are calling. Here are my top 5 tips for keeping healthy and happy moving into the Winter months.


Plant based natural defence against colds and flu. Echinacea is anti inflammatory and boosts the immune system.  It’s also readily available in many superstores. Just add 15 drops to your water first thing, half way through the day and again in the evening and it’s the best Winter illness preventative.


2. Don’t hit the snooze button

Start your day 5 minutes earlier and have 5 minutes to do gentle stretching/ breathing or meditation. It sets your mind for the day ahead, wakes you up gently and eases you beautifully.


3. Cherish the seasonal wins

Candles, log fire, hot chocolate, cuddles with the dog, Blue Planet 2, honestly is there anything better?! Appreciate the things you can do in Winter that you can’t in Spring or Summer. When we appreciate the environment around us, we can be content, happy and fulfilled.


4. Water water water

The best piece of morning kickstart advice I could give is to start the day with a 250ml glass of water. It rehydrates the body after hours of sleep, and much better if this quenches the thirst than stress inducing tea or coffee. Then continue through the day with 2-3 litres and a herbal tea before bed.


5. Practice yoga, meditation or whatever your release is

Keep up your movement, whether your exercise comes in the form of training, conditioning, running, yoga, anything. It’s important to keep moving throughout the winter months. For some of us that may be to fit into the Christmas outfit but for many of us, it’s to maintain a healthy mind. Keeping up with your movement over the winter months will stimulate the brain, keep blood pumping around the body and improve your circulation.

Practice with me, Mondays 6.30pm and Fridays 6pm, here.

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